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About Us

The Real Estate Society at FSU connects students with professionals and alumni in the real estate industry. It also promotes real estate education, skills, and professional organizations.  It is supported by our prominent alumni, students, and the Real Estate Society Foundation, Inc.  

The Society has a strong presence at the FSU Trends Conference, ICSC, and ULI Conferences. Students travel across the state and country to learn about the top companies in real estate. Recent visits included Boston, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, Tampa, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City. 

Villanova Real Estate Challenge 2017 Winners
Pictured from left to right: Race Smith, Michael Walsh, Sarah Flemister, Michelle Langborgh, and Ryan Dietz
ULI 2018 Fall Meeting in Boston
Pictured from left to right: Seth Krepistman, Camille Briegel, Bailey Smith, Taylor Buchberger, Alec Carreras, Kalayah Sargeant, Piper Bolt, and Justin Levine
Kislak Miami Market Strategies Forum 2017
Pictured: 8 students from both the 2016 and 2017 Executive Board and 11 members
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